“Let it rain, let it rain…..”

September 26, 2010

It was pouring with rain all the way down to the Bluff on September 26th.  We picked up Mary in downtown Atlanta and then drove south on 75/85 to pick up her grandsons, AC and Cory.   We had no idea of how we were going to be able to conduct the study outdoors, and were reminded of my second article to the ladies, entitled “O Ye of Little Faith”, in which there was rain all around us but the Lord kept us dry.  The storm on Sunday seemed worse than it had been on that day, and the Doppler radar had looked very threatening before we left home.  Ray Beckham, pastor of New Jerusalem Baptist Church, at which Frank had been guest preacher back in June, had already invited us to call on him for help with regard to our ministry, and indicated that he would assist us in any way he could.  Since before leaving home, Frank had been calling him to see if there was a room in his church building that we could use, but had not been able to get through to him.  However, we carried on regardless, looking to God for a blessing.  As we entered the Bluff Frank called Pastor Beckham again and we went by his house, all without success.  So we went by his church building and discovered that there was something major going on there.  Cars everywhere.   Probably homecoming, including a meal.  So that was that.  We carried on, very cheerfully, wondering what the Lord was going to do, because at that point it was obvious that the very heavy rain was not going to let up.  We arrived at the corner of Kennedy and Brawley just behind our faithful supporter Amy and looked for shelter.  Frank and Mary found a group of folk keeping dry under the barber shop overhang on notorious Kennedy Street.  So that’s where we gathered, and where Frank, out in the rain, under an umbrella, with his notes getting quite wet, struggling to keep his Bible dry, led our Bible study.  It was quite a remarkable experience.  We ended up with twelve people altogether including one lady who had come out to the church steps looking for us in spite of the rain.

So, in God’s providence, things turned out for the best because, as passers-by saw our damp and bedraggled little group, they came and joined us, which they could not have done had we been indoors and not visible from the street.  The Lord is faithful when we step out in faith and look to him for a blessing.

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