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Letter from Dr. Frank Smith Dated December 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

All of us believers are engaged in a religio-cultural war raging in America. From battles over sexuality and abortion, to matters of race, to socio-economic concerns, the church is in the fight of her life in the West and particularly in these United States.

For almost a decade, Atlanta Reformed Presbyterian Church (originally known as Atlanta Presbyterian Fellowship) has been on the front lines of this war. Since April 2010, we have been ministering in an area of Atlanta called “the Bluff,” a greatly impoverished and crime-ridden neighborhood notorious for heroin-dealing and prostitution. We have had to dodge bullets. We have assisted in rescuing a lady from being a sex slave. We have counseled drug addicts and homeless people. We have provided thousands of dollars to meet diaconal needs.

Most importantly, we have preached the gospel of Jesus Christ, in a context of the worship of God. We are not your typical do-gooders, nor social justice warriors. We understand that people’s primary need is reconciliation with God based upon the imputation of Christ’s righteousness, and received by faith alone.

We began, outdoors, on the steps of a derelict church building, and eventually migrated indoors, to various buildings, including a store, a couple of churches, and a duplex. Since October 2019, we have been leasing an old church building whose owner is an elderly congregation that desires to sell the property. We, therefore, have a need for financial support—to raise a whole bunch of money in a fairly short period of time. Right now, we have about $20,000 in the building fund. We need at least another $30,000 in order to have a good downpayment for a mortgage.

We would note, in the language often used in real estate transactions, that “time is of the essence.” If we are not able to buy this building by April 2020, it may very well be sold out from underneath us.

Please pray for us. Please give—no amount is too small, and every donation will be greatly appreciated. And please let your family and friends know, so that they, too, can participate in this ministry to “the least of these.”

For Christ’s crown and covenant,
Frank J. Smith, Ph.D., D.D. Pastor

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