Jobs Available

Intern Position in Downtown Atlanta

Atlanta Presbyterian Fellowship (APF), a ministry of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA), hereby announces an opening for a part-time intern position.

The compensation is $12,000/year.  Depending on the individual, it is quite possible that the compensation could be structured so as to be tax-free. For example, this amount could include a certain percentage being designated for housing (which, since he would be expected to live in a particular area, should not be taxable), and, in the case of a present student, could include a certain percentage that would go to pay seminary tuition (which also likely would not be taxable, since this would be considered part of his training). The term of service would be for no less than six (6) months and preferably for one (1) year. The intern will be granted two (2) weeks of vacation per every six (6) months of engagement in this position.

It is expected that this position would require twenty (20) hours of work/week. Among the duties are the following:

  1. Teaching of the adult Sabbath School class on a regular basis.
  2. Conducting youth meetings and other Bible classes during the week.
  3. Filling of the pulpit once a month (if the man is deemed qualified to do so).
  4. Transportation of children and others.
  5. Helping to keep the church building neat and clean.
  6. All other duties assigned.

An intern would preferably be someone who either has received seminary training or is presently a seminary student. He could be someone who aspires to the gospel ministry, or, perhaps is someone who desires to engage in ministry even though he believes that he is called to another vocation.

The intern should be someone who catches the vision of APF, a ministry which has been serving the English Avenue/Vine City neighborhoods since 2010. This area, very close to the Georgia Dome, is greatly impoverished, and has been known for several decades for heroin dealing and prostitution. But now, sparked by the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, gentrification is happening.

But what is more significant is what is happening at Atlanta Presbyterian Fellowship, in which people of different racial, socio-economic, and theological backgrounds are coming together to form a faith community where the sense of fellowship is palpable, and where there are no tensions along ethnic or social lines. The genuine “koinonia” (fellowship) that is being experienced is rooted in love, but may also be traced to the emphasis on historic doctrine and truths that transcend social and culture matters.

This commitment to universal truth by the Reformed Presbyterian branch of the church is not merely theoretical, but was forged through the fires of persecution. Reformed Presbyterians trace their heritage to the Scottish Covenanters of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  Many martyrs—men, women, and children—suffered through the “Killing Time” (1660-1688) as they stood up against royal tyranny and for the crown rights of King Jesus.  Partly as a result of that experience, Reformed Presbyterianism experientially learned the doctrine of the mediatorial kingship of Christ.

Atlanta Presbyterian Fellowship draws inspiration from its Covenanter forebears, as it proclaims the kingdom of Jesus Christ, calls people to faith and repentance, and implements simple, Biblical worship (including the standard Presbyterian worship practices of exclusive psalmody and a cappella singing) in the heart of Atlanta.  More information about this exciting urban ministry is available at the website, located at Any and all men who are interested in this position are urged to contact the minister of Atlanta Presbyterian Fellowship, Dr. Frank J. Smith, at 770-241-3946; his email address is