Our Mission

The following mission statement was adopted by the Atlanta Commission on January 19, 2023.

Atlanta Reformed Presbyterian Church aims to be a faithful church, in doctrine, worship, personal piety, church life, fellowship, outreach, and hospitality, with specific focus on downtown Atlanta, demonstrating the love of Jesus to all people, and seeking to impact the Atlanta metro area by modeling a covenantal Christ-like community and by the multiplying of other Reformed Presbyterian congregations.

Our Vision

We desire to see the transforming of individuals, families, institutions, and societies under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and for his glory.  Our particular focus in Atlanta at this time is the English Avenue neighborhood – one of the roughest in the country, known for its heroin dealing and prostitution.  Out of compassion for people living there, and motivated by love for our Savior, we minister with the goal of seeing a Bible-believing witness raised up there – one which fully embraces the teachings of the Protestant Reformation.

The Opportunity

The English Avenue area has long been depressed.  However, given its close proximity to midtown Atlanta and to numerous landmarks, it has great potential.  Where we minister is four blocks from the Georgia World Congress Center; about two-thirds of a mile from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium; and about a mile from the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coca Cola, Philips Arena, College Football Hall of Fame, CNN Center, and the Centennial Olympic Park.  It is about a mile and a half from Bobby Dodd Stadium on the campus of Georgia Tech; and within two miles of historic black institutions of higher learning.  In many ways, this area, with what are million dollar views of the Midtown skyline, is prime real estate.

Already, the English Avenue area is changing economically.  Full-blown gentrification is likely soon to follow.  When it occurs, gentrification will carry its own set of challenges.  One of them has to do with whether the low-income folk to whom we are presently ministering will be forced out.  We do not believe that that necessarily will happen.  The city’s plan for the neighborhood is not for high-priced housing, but for modestly-priced housing.  What we envision happening is more along the lines of a largely black, middle-class community, with lower to lower-middle class housing still existing.  In any event, our intention is to  minister in that neighborhood – an area which is very close to the heart of a vibrant, world-class city – and it therefore makes sense to be in on the ground floor, so to speak.

The Dream

We  have a dream.  It is that of people of all backgrounds and ethnicities coming together and offering up praise and worship in accordance with the Word of God.  It is that of blacks and whites and Hispanics and every tribe and race jointly rejoicing in the freedom of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is that of the establishment of a community of faith, in the shadow of Atlanta’s skyscrapers, that reflects the doctrine and practice of the Reformation.

Since June 2020, one significant development in helping to make this dream become a reality is our owning and occupying our own building in the heart of this community.

We dream not only about the church, but also about the broader kingdom coming to expression in the English Avenue area.  We envision auxiliary institutions, such as a parochial school, taking place here.

We dream of a time when the effect of the gospel will result in a transformed community in which boys and girls will grow up in homes with both moms and dads.

We dream of a place where crime and violence will be a distant memory.

In brief, we dream of an age when the glory of the Lord covers this neighborhood as the waters cover the sea.